From successful founder to successful successors

All founders of private companies are founders of family companies, many just don’t realise it early on. The fact is that a majority of active companies were established in the last 10-20 years, and so the moment when the founders realise that they are a family company is yet to come. Founders start their companies, among other reasons, in order to provide for themselves and their family, largely unaware of the inevitability of the moment when the growth curves of their biological children and their other “child” – their company – will intersect.

The goal of the training is to provide founders and owners with the basic elements of how family companies operate and show them what the challenges of bringing successors into the company will be. During the seminar, experienced ASEE consultants will  talk about some possible and recommended steps in preparing the founder, the company and potential successors for the transfer of leadership.

“We fathers always say everything we shouldn’t say on time; the things we ought to say, we say too late… or never.”
Dušan Kovačević, Professional

Target group

Owners and founders of companies, family members involved in the company, potential successors.

Key topics

  • Family, company, ownership
  • The Founder’s Trap and the Family Trap
  • The readiness and ability of the founder to run the family company
  • The difference between company ownership and company management
  • The dynamics of family business
  • The transition in family businesses
  • From the founder depends on a successful transition
  • Prince Charles Syndrome
  • The company Professionalization
  • Professional Manager
  • Key steps in preparing a successor
  • The biggest mistakes in the preparation of successor
  • Family Council
  • Family Policies


Boris Vukić, partner and co-founder of Adizes SEE. Since 1996 he has been helping companies transition from  entrepreneurship to professional management. Even then, though himself not realising it until the last few years, he consciously and wholeheartedly felt the need to work with founders to find them, their companies and their children a proper place.

The time and venue of the seminar:

Registration fee for one-day seminar:


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Price includes:

  • Expert lectures Adizes consultants
  • Written materials that cover the program
  • List of participants of the seminar with the data for further contacts
  • Lunch, coffee and juices during breaks