Defining Family Policies and Constitution

Defining Family Policies and Constitution,” is a set of workshops at which we create a family forum and set out all the necessary family enactments. The goal of these activities, under the supervision of a consultant and advisers for individual areas, is for the members of the family forum to empower themselves to work independently on resolving all the challenges that the family company will face in the future.

The first step is:

  • Establishing a family forum
  • Determining its members and then its decision-making policy

Defining the mission of the family company, depending on the needs and priorities of the policies required:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Employment policy
  • Inheritance of ownership
  • Managing family finances
  • Preparing the children (induction into the business)
  • Distribution of dividends
  • Withdrawal from ownership of the company

Depending on the complexity and size of the family company, family bodies can also be established – assemblies and any boards that may be needed – and a constitution for the family company can be worked on. All of these steps are carried out using the methodology developed by the ASEE Centre for the Development of Family Companies.


Boris Vukić, partner and co-founder of Adizes SEE. Since 1996 he has been helping companies transition from  entrepreneurship to professional management. Even then, though himself not realising it until the last few years, he consciously and wholeheartedly felt the need to work with founders to find them, their companies and their children a proper place.

Petar Grković, legal advisor ASEE


If you have any questions regarding this workshop, we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in more detail in this area.