ASEE’s Club 2040 is made up of young people aged between 20-40 who are “reasonable suspects” for key positions in their companies by the year 2040. To put it more simply, they are members of the second generation in family companies. They are young people with vision, who want to work on themselves, want more, want to do better. Members of the Club meet formally and informally and are in constant contact via the social networks.  Anyone interested in joining and taking part in Club 2040 is invited to contact

The Club 2040 Manifesto

The company founded by our parents has had a long existence, living with us and beside us – a part of our lives. As we grow, so we realise that sooner or later – regardless of the exact circumstances – we will also become a part of its life, as employees, managers and/or (co)-owners. This symbiosis makes us and the company different. Our companies are different to “ordinary” companies, and so our lives are different too.

Because of this difference, we have come together in Club 2040. We are orientated towards four levels of goals:

The first consists of our personal goals: we want to do what we love to do, or at least love what we do.

The second relates to the families we come from. We want the transition from the first to the second generation, regardless of the form it takes – whether we will inherit ownership or deserve or earn a managerial position – to be as painless and obstacle-free as possible.

The third relates to company goals – we want to help our companies be successful, not only in the short-term, by achieving excellent results, but also to become serious, professional companies in the long term.

The fourth relates to the environment. We want to turn the old curse, “May you work for a private business-owner” into a blessing. And we have a personal desire – not to be perceived as we are not: “spoilt owner’s sons/daughters”, but as we are: young, proud people who are ready to work for the good not just of our company but also that of the environment in which we do business.

  • In Club 2040 we work towards these goals by:

  • Building and strengthening ties and contacts
  • Improving ourselves and sharing new thing we have learned
  • Getting involved in things that are going on around us
  • Promoting high ethical standards


We want Club 2040 to comprise members from different states of the former Yugoslavia and different industries, regardless of whether they plan to be employees or just (co)-owners in their family company.


If you are interested in Club 2040, we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in more detail in this area.