Tailor Made

Our tailor-made training is training organised for employees from a particular organisation with a specific goal. Depending on the desired goals, a combination of tools are assembled (workshops, talks, discussions etc.), the content defined and the duration of the tailor-made program decided on.

The focus, as always with Adizes SEE consultants and speakers, is on the implementation of tools and techniques. We offer you our professional recommendations and decades of experience, and together we create a program that fits your needs. Programs can be tailored to different target groups (top or middle management, groups of talents or successors, new employees etc.) as well as weighted towards a particular topic (management skills, communication, sales skills and tools etc.).

Practical Examples

The client is a successful regional medium-sized company with a diversified product range, mature as an organisation and with stable business growth. The problem they have identified as being a long-term limitation to growth and development is the relatively “weak” middle management. Weak in the sense of number of positions, as well as the knowledge and experience of the people who could fill those positions.

A problem had been identified in a lack of coordination in the efforts of first-line managers, who were all very dedicated, well-paid managers whose behaviour was orientated via a model of planning and reporting. However the corporate culture showed a tendency towards improvisation, the styles of key people were rigid, with no feedback, and there was a lack of integration among newer managers and those who had “grown up” in the system.



If you are interested in tailor-made programs, we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in more detail in this area.