Area Sales

Companies as we know them mainly live from the revenue that their sales teams are able to generate. So, selling is the motor that determines the survival, development or downfall of a company.

With the dramatic development of competition in almost all branches, sales are becoming increasingly more complex and demanding, and with the development of the Internet, the availability of information and how informed customers are have gone up in leaps and bounds, leaving salespeople to tackle ever more challenging tasks.

In conditions such as these, commitment to working continually to improving sales processes, to advancing the knowledge and skills of salespeople, to strategic and operational planning and to keeping the sales team motivated are the basic ingredients of the work of successful sales managers.

Sales Seminars

When you don’t have a lot of time but want to fix sales results in a short space of time, do you usually sort things out by putting extra pressure on sales or…?MORE >
The programme presents a modern and complex approach to training salespeople. The training takes place through four complete units/modules, each of which bring increasingly more complex and powerful tools …MORE >
The goal of the seminar is for all participants to take a proactive approach to something that has lead many a company into bankruptcy in recent times – uncollected accounts receivable. …MORE >
When businesses sell to other businesses, progress and continuity  become factors in the sales dialogue. Progress is when selling moves up the so-called sales ladder, while continuity is only the possibility of you calling the customer again. This is often the situation in complex sales, where many…MORE >
You can get sales advice from market stallholders, from your company’s bookkeeper, the head of manufacturing, from Dad, and of course from Grandma. You can get really great advice on selling skills from various …MORE >
In modern sales, we increasingly come up against the problem of how to gain new clients! How do we get in contact with them at all? What always precedes every meeting with a potential client is a telephone conversation which we need to use to …MORE >
The purpose of this specific ASEE product is to help companies put a specific tool in place– a quality sales plan for the next year with realistic steps to achieving it, and we do this by combining the training and consulting work of our experts in sales. The Sales Planning seminar is in the form of open training attended by people …MORE >
U situaciji sam da se, zaista, veoma često srećem sa ljudima iz prodaje koji su odlično potkovani teoretskim znanjem, imaju godine iskustva, a sve teže izlaze na kraj sa današnjim zahtevnim,  obaveštenim,  sitničavim kupcima.

The SPIN technique which we learn at the seminar “Advanced Sales Techniques” is a modern sales tool that can help us overcome even the most difficult of sales situations…MORE >

How many times have you come across somebody you could call a difficult client? How many times have you let emotions overrule communication? …MORE >
Training employees to use cross-selling and upselling principles can very quickly lead to excellent sales results. The good thing is that this investment of time and resources starts to pay off immediately….MORE >