The Adizes centre for Southeastern Europe

ASEE/Adizes SEE was founded in 1994 in Novi Sad as a private company offering successful consulting services and managerial training, mainly in the former Yugoslav republics. From the beginning we have been part of the Adizes Institute network based in Santa Barbara, USA, and hence part of our activities are conducted in accordance with licensed Adizes methods for organisational therapy in company reorganisations.

The main activities of ASEE/Adizes SEE are organisational therapy based on the Adizes methodology, consulting in functional areas, training through open and in-house (tailor-made) seminars and training events and publishing. All of our services are based on international experience and vital training in the methods and standards common in the most developed countries, our over twenty years of practice in Southeastern Europe and the decades of experience of our consultants and lecturers.

From our founding in 1994, ASEE has worked independently in more than three hundred organisations, from those newly established to the most successful profitable, non-profitable and government organisations in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Belorus, China, Latvia and Cyprus. Our consultants have also worked as part of the Adizes Institute, Santa Barbara in the USA, Great Britain and Denmark.

Our head office is in Novi Sad, with offices in Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Our activities:

Definition of clear responsibilities and authority, both within organizational units and positions in a particular company. All other steps are preparation for the establishment of a structure and support for a defined structure.
Adizes Southeast Europe offers its clients functional consulting services in the areas of human resources (HR) and process improvement, using  Kaizen & Lean.

Adizes Institute

The Adizes centre for Southeastern Europe operates as part of the Adizes Institute.
Dr Ichak Adizes is the founder and professional director of the Adizes Institute, Santa Barbara, California, the creator of the method that bears his name and a renowned consultant to company managers and governments the world over. He is knows for his unique approach to managing corporate change which is based on a process of building mutual respect and trust.

The Adizes Institute has to date implemented its theory of change management in companies around the world, including not just corporations but also not-for-profits, with employees numbering between 20 and as many as 100,000. Some of the best-known clients of the Adizes Institute have been Royal Dutch Shell, Bank of America, Domino’s Pizza, Northtrop Aviation, Franklin Mint, Applied Materials, The Body Shop and the governments of Israel, Brazil, Ghana, Sweden and others.